Email marketing is one of the least expensive options in the marketing armoury. Once you have a list of emails from enquiries and those who have signed up to your site or receive your newsletters, it’s time to start making the most of it.

Yet what you say matters. You will quickly lose people’s interest if you continually hit them with low-quality content or things that aren’t well thought out or don’t meet their consumer needs in some way. Whether that’s to highlight a new product or service, give them helpful tips and advice on things that are relevant to them or offer them a new deal, you must keep focussed and have a strategy in place that keeps you on track and drives the results that you are looking for.

You will gain nothing by purchasing a contact list. People aren’t stupid. They will quickly turn off your emails if they think you are spamming them. If you need help, then 

Tips and tricks to make email marketing a success

  • Avoid no-reply email marketing. You want feedback and engagement, so limiting the option to get back to you is never a good idea.
  • Keep the critical point of your message and a call to action above the fold so it’s clear and easy to see without scrolling.
  • Optimise the preview text space, and give enough away but not so much that a click to open is not worth doing. Keep your subject line engaging, concise and around 30-50 characters.
  • Don’t overcomplicate typefaces and colours. Keep to around three typefaces and ensure your branding and logo are visible.
  • Keep between 500 and 650 pixels wide and ensure you have optimised for different platforms.
  • Personalise the email greeting and include a signature of a named individual.
  • Consider adding a short video to your email. Check out these three types of video marketing that could benefit your business.
  • Include an autoresponder opt-in and a clear subscription option for your newsletter. Including a subscription option may seem irrelevant. After all, they must have subscribed to receive the email, but what if they pass it on to a friend? A subscription link is helpful for them!
  • Ensure that your emails link to a relevant landing page and that the content and links are working and up-to-date.
  • Have a workflow plan that supports reducing contact for those who begin to show less interest, perhaps moving from a weekly email to a monthly newsletter and removing them entirely if there is still no engagement. Run an A/B test to improve your targeting of digital marketing content to see which of your audience is more or less engaged.
  • Ensure that you clean up your email list regularly. If you continue mailing people who never open your emails, it will dampen your campaign results’ effects. You want results that count, so go for quality rather than quantity.

Done right, email marketing can be a powerful tool in taking your business to the next level. Use our tips and see where yours takes you.