Marketing brochures are now, more often than not designed digitally. Whether it’s a brochure, leaflet, flyer or pamphlet, it can be tricky to get digital marketing brochures right though. It’s not easy to create eye-catching, informative, user-friendly pieces for online viewing. However, having an armoury of tips and tricks can certainly help. 

Responsive digital marketing benefits are numerous. They are certainly an expense that businesses should spend on to increase brand exposure and sales. Many consumers shop online. Even those who venture to a high street will check out online information before they go. With this in mind, we look at what even the non-designers can achieve with a bit of effort.

A trick – use a design tool to create your digital marketing brochures

You don’t need to be an expert to help you design, create, and publish digital marketing brochures. There are a the range of digital assistance options available Sites such as Canva, Lucidpress and many others are available. These help you create eyecatching brochures, which can be done with free or payable templates to make digital creation easy. It’s possible to use your own photos or stock images too. You can easily find a range of quickly found, adapted and industry relevant designs. You’ll also have the ability to change fonts and colours and add logos to personalise them.

Suppose you need something that makes sense of your complex research and turns it into visually appealing digital marketing brochure? In that case, software such as Venngage can create charts, infographics and tutorials professionally. Software is also available to quickly and easily transform your existing PDFs into brochures or pamphlets. You can even add imaginative page-flipping effects to take viewers smoothly from page to page.

Some quick tips for success

The cover –  make it clear and engaging. Eye-catching is good, but not too overwhelming.

The content – keep it concise and broken up by headers. That way, it can be skimmed over easily, without missing key messages. Break up text with paragraphs to make it easier to read, and use bullet points to highlight without being overwordy.

The colour – Don’t go mad with different colours and fonts, but ensure that sections are highlighted with solid colours and clever use of background imagery. 

The call to action – Of course, the purpose of marketing is to create a reaction in your customers or service users. So our advice on Call to action tips to help you clinch sales is another resource to help you maximise your digital marketing success. Also, having a robust digital marketing strategy will ensure that your efforts are targeted where they are most likely to see results.

Digital marketing brochure advantages

Digital marketing brochures can embrace social media and be responsive in a way that will draw business to you when done correctly. It’s easy to update, share and cross-platform. Using a digital brochure optimised for online viewing will ensure that users can navigate easily and immediately see the message you are conveying. Interactive hyperlinks and calls to action can give valuable insights into your users’ experience with your brochure, what actions they take and where they look next. The perfect digital sales brochure can undoubtedly convert a watcher into a buyer and increase sales, all for a relatively small effort and budget.