How do you approach marketing for your business?  And could video help you do it better?

In recent years, an increasing number of businesses are turning to videos to work marketing magic.  

Research has shown that a whopping 72% of customers would rather watch a video than read an advert and will retain as much as 95% of the information from it.  Using video marketing campaigns has shown that company growth can be as much as 49% faster compared to companies that don’t.

Videos do not have to be professionally produced, come at a high price or even be very long to have an impact. But they do need to resonate with their audience and that means finding the right voice, which is where it may pay to bring in the professionals. You can find voice artists through a voice-over agency in your area.

Video gives you the option to reach out to potential customers in a way they understand, answer questions they may have or perhaps show something new.  Having identified your potential customer, you should style your video to appeal to them.

Video Content

The obvious video to make is to show and highlight products or services you offer, but there are other ideas out there that can have impact and help your business attract interest as well as keeping your current client base engaged

Frequently Asked Questions 

Having a video to answer some of the most common questions asked can be a great way to interact with people. They do not need to answer all questions in one hit.  Be creative with how you present the information; technology is available to make simple entertaining and informative videos using whiteboards, animation or even featuring a member of staff  Consider answering just one question or a series of videos of related questions in a series of videos. 

FAQ videos are a great way to improve your SEO rankings. Questions and voice searches are the way many customers will make their initial search, so wording your questions as a customer may help.

Brand Story Video

We are not talking about telling your whole story from the day you had the idea for your business, and lasting for hours with one person talking to camera about how you got to where you are. What is a good idea is to tell the story of your typical customer’s journey.  Show your customer how your product solves a problem they may have. Entertain them, show them what their life will look like if they use your service or buy your product.  Show them how you are helping customers just like them. Make it easy for customers to identify and support your brand.

Service and Product Demo Videos

Videos such as this should be a cornerstone of any effective marketing strategy and are probably the easiest of all to make. What better way of showing how a product or service works than a carefully put together video. You then have the benefit of both verbal and visual aids to get your message across. 

You should remember to include a demonstration showing how to assemble any products you are selling if necessary. Also, why not show both the most common and alternative uses for your product.  an add care and cleaning instructions if appropriate.

When you are offering a service or subscription, include a systematic review of what is included, how it will help them and any extras that may be available, and most importantly how they can purchase.

Don’t forget to include a call to action in all of your videos to make the next step easy to take.

Whatever type of video you choose to make, you’re sure to have a positive impact on your potential customers and existing customers too.