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3 Types Of Video Marketing That Could Benefit Your Business

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For businesses expanding internationally language considerations are extremely important. Will you target English speaking countries, for instance, or multilingual audiences? This is an important decision because advertising materials and your website itself will need to be available in different languages. Any video resources will similarly need to be available in multiple languages or at least have subtitling or voice-overs on the videos. Matinee Multilingual talk about how best to tackle these multi-lingual issues.

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Harnessing Personalisation To Hack Customer Connections

Personalisation in marketing refers to the strategy of tailoring communication and experiences to individual customers. This is done by assessing their preferences, behaviours and past interactions and drives a marketing strategy that is far from the one size fits all… Continue Reading →

Podcasting as a Small Business Marketing Tool: A Step-by-Step Guide

Podcasting is a good way for smaller businesses to make sure that they are reaching larger audiences. Our step-by-step guide will take you through everything you need to consider.  What are the benefits of starting a podcast? Podcasts are very… Continue Reading →

Subscription Models for Small Business Success

If you’re a small business that doesn’t have the reach of some of your competitors, you need to take every opportunity to retain the business you have. One such way of ensuring repeat business is to set up subscriptions to… Continue Reading →

Lessons learned in business from the last 3 years

The last three years have brought some of the most complex of situations. The Covid-19 pandemic saw lockdowns and stay-at-home orders the likes of which many of us have never witnessed before. Things may not be back to how they… Continue Reading →

Should you consider an eBook for marketing your business?

If you are considering how to improve relationships with your customers whilst also reaching your marketing objectives, then you may be thinking about making an eBook. This is an electronic book filled with online content. It will feature an in-depth… Continue Reading →

Influencer Marketing: Vital Dos and Don’ts

For those brands looking for a powerful strategy that can help them to connect with their target audiences, influencer marketing is becoming the clear way forward. Utilising the influence of social media figures who are incredibly popular can have a… Continue Reading →

The Role of User-Generated Content in Building Trust

User-generated content, or UGC refers to any content that is created by individuals rather than the brand. It refers to things like videos, reviews, text and images. It can be as simple as an image on your social media profile… Continue Reading →

The Rise of Voice Search and its Implications for SEO

In the last few years, the use of voice searches has been an increasingly popular option for many users. It offers them a simple way in which they can interact with a search engine at their own convenience. This should… Continue Reading →

Email Marketing – Best Practice, Tips and Tricks

Email marketing is one of the least expensive options in the marketing armoury. Once you have a list of emails from enquiries and those who have signed up to your site or receive your newsletters, it’s time to start making… Continue Reading →

Building Sustainability into UK Businesses – Strategies For Success

The necessity to improve the sustainability of a business is becoming increasingly important. Everyone is looking to do their part to address the climate emergency. It is now widely accepted that around 18% of the carbon emissions here in the… Continue Reading →

When to turn a side hustle into a business

For the majority of individuals a side hustle is something that they love doing, that they can do in their spare time and helps them to give their income a necessary boost. When this side hustle is going really well… Continue Reading →

4 Blogging mistakes you might be making – and how to fix them

A good blog is just one of the ways in which you can help your website to climb up the search rankings. Unfortunately, many bloggers fail at the first hurdle when it comes to their content, and this doesn’t just… Continue Reading →

Are blog posts still worth including in your marketing strategy?

Blog posts have long been touted as a worthy weapon to have in your marketing strategy. However, is this still the case or is it time to stop blogging and look for different ways to improve your marketing?  A 2020… Continue Reading →

Is TikTok marketing for you?

Named as the fastest ever-growing social media platform, TikTok has become so big that it has even made the list of the most popular downloaded apps anywhere in the world for the last three years.  TikTok saw a significant rise in… Continue Reading →

User-Generated Content – Can It Help Your Business?

Can you use the content generated by users to boost your business? Absolutely! Done well, you can benefit from this cost-effective marketing strategy. Plus, it only means following a few simple steps to promote your business. What is user-generated content?… Continue Reading →

Is collaboration the key to SME success?

When it comes to supporting small businesses, customers are not the only way in which they can be helped. From local directories to pop-up events, collaboration between SMEs can help everyone in ways that are perhaps less obvious. Collaborations are… Continue Reading →

Identify Your Market Position And Get Noticed As An SME

As a small business, it can be tough to be noticed. The world is full of companies all wanting to be heard, and it’s certainly an added pressure alongside managing your business products and services that can sometimes seem impossible…. Continue Reading →

Tips for Success as a Small Business Owner

When starting a new business, there are undoubtedly a lot of things that you will need to learn and master pretty quickly to help you succeed. Starting a new small business can be challenging and stressful, no matter how much… Continue Reading →

Why DEI Is Crucial For Small Business Success

In a world where the need for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is constantly discussed, we ask what it means. Does DEI matter or improve the lot for small businesses? Diversity in a setting covers employing workers who bring diverse cultures,… Continue Reading →

Scheduling Social Media In Advance – Pros and Pitfalls

Social media can swallow a large amount of your time. It can seem to become a bit of a chore. However, in this day and age, a solid social media presence on the main platforms is crucial. A growing social… Continue Reading →

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