A good blog is just one of the ways in which you can help your website to climb up the search rankings. Unfortunately, many bloggers fail at the first hurdle when it comes to their content, and this doesn’t just apply to those who are new to blogging but also to those who have been doing it for a while. Blogging as a business is something that takes time, attention and effort. It is possible to fail if you don’t research your audience, or tailor the content you write if you don’t use SEO best practices or if you simply don’t promote your content. 

Here we look at four blogging mistakes you might be making and how you can fix them. 

1. Your writing is too formal

There are times when a more formal tone in your writing is necessary, but a blog post really isn’t one of them. The style of writing that you want for a blog post is something that people will enjoy reading, if you make it too formal, they will probably not read everything you have to say. 

Being more conversational in your writing is okay. In fact, it’s more than okay. The more approachable your post, the more people will connect with it when they read it, so give them a sense of the person behind the company. 

2. Don’t stray from your point

It is great to show your own personality in your writing, but you shouldn’t stray too far from the point you are trying to make with details of things like personal experiences. When this happens, the point that you are trying to make becomes lost and your blog post becomes more like a memoir and less like the information piece you intended. In order to make sure that you don’t lose your audience with blogging mistakes like this, it can be a good idea to restate your point in each section of your article.

3. Give your post some structure

You know what you want to write about and have decided on a title. It can be really tempting to just rush into your blog and randomly throw your ideas onto your paper. This kind of writing isn’t great for a blog post. First, you need to think about what type of post you want to create (there are some good templates on the internet that could help with this). Give yourself a skeleton structure for your post, and then pad it out. 

4. Give yourself time to edit your post

Finally, once you have finished writing your blog post, step away from your work for a short while. When you come back give yourself plenty of time to read it through and edit it, there is a good chance you will find some things that you will want to change, some spellings you will want to fix and some sentences that are just too long. Make sure that everything flows.