Marketing may seem an intimidating concept it’s an area of business that is used by the smallest business to the largest conglomerate even if they don’t see it for what it is! Marketing can involve fancy ads and terminology but boil it down and it simply means using a message to get a response and then converting that response into sales.

The “trifecta” of email marketing refers to what every business wants to see – primarily a strong heading that entices readers to open the email, followed by a strong offer that holds their interest and ultimately a CTA which is a call to action; to click on the offer. This whole process is conversion and it’s usually a clear call to action that acts as the ultimate clincher as to whether the reader proceeds any further or sends the email to the trash or even worse – marks it as spam.

In a nutshell, the CTA usually incorporates strong, brightly coloured text and images and there will almost always be a precise button to click or an obvious link to follow for more information. However, with the call to action being the most prominent step in the 3 tier process – here are 6 savvy tips to help any company clinch those much coveted sales:-

A call to action does what it says on the tin

The strongest CTA’s are those that involve direct wordage to attract ultimate attention. These could be actionable phrases such as “begin my trial”, “view new stock”, “sign up now”, “receive 25% discount”.

Use buttons rather than links

Research shows that a higher conversion rate results from using a clearly placed, cleanly defined button that a reader can click on rather than a link. It may be psychology but clicking on a button is always more satisfying!

Avoid boring words

The use of language has a profound effect on human behaviour so it’s best to avoid boring or obviously descriptive words such as “click here” and use action orientated, exciting words that command and hold promise such as “try for free”. You really will see a difference!

Go large

It may seem obvious but your CTA button needs to be well; obvious! WITHOUT The same goes for the text you use – it needs to be legible but not so big it feels intimidating to the reader. Keep the copy length in mind too – your key phrases and CTA’s need to be short and sweet!

Use the first person

This tense is far more personal – consider the difference between “begin your free trial” and “begin my free trial”. Again – research shows a higher conversion rate.

Create a sense of urgency

CTA’s are more effective when readers feel they’ve grabbed a bargain such as “shop now for 50% off” or “only 5 spaces left” will make them feel part of an elite group which is of course; exactly how you want them to feel.