As a small business owner, it is so easy to get lost in the stresses of running your business every day and lose sight of simple changes that can ease the pain of being stressed. Everyday stressors include feeling that you must be involved in or responsible for every business decision. In addition to this, you may feel that failure is your sole responsibility. You might take on too much, which ultimately affects your health and business.

Too much stress can quickly spiral beyond a healthy level. It can begin to affect not just your mental health but your physical health too. It is essential to recognise the signs of stress and do something to reduce it quickly. Understanding what is responsible making simple changes in your business can be vital to lessen stress as a small business owner.

Many small business owners openly admit to neglecting mental wellbeing. Some may struggle to understand the negative impacts on their business. Others may think they’re coping but it is easy for that to spiral out of control.

You may be the business owner, but how you lead your team, and the quality of that team is what powers your business. Therefore, it’s essential to manage both stress and expectations.

How To Stop Being Stressed With Staffing Problems

Your employees are your most important asset. Yet, staff management is unsurprisingly top of most small business owners’ stressors. Whilst you are the business leader, the quality of the team you have supporting you is the key to stress reduction.

Empowering employees to develop and take responsibility is essential. Having a capable, supportive team working with you must make life less stressful. Looking after employee wellbeing and career development will bring higher productivity. It could also lower staff turnover and collective responsibility for success and failures.

Reduce Accounting Stress

Keep on top of your accounting, and don’t be afraid to employ outside bookkeeping help. Understanding the basics of small business accounts may seem like a chore, but knowing the numbers, even if they aren’t as good as you would like, is less stressful than having no idea of the impact of your business decisions and cash flow.


Multitasking and doing too much is ultimately less productive and more stressful than planning to give each task undivided attention. One job at a time is far better for anxiety levels. If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed, don’t leave it too late to ask for help.

Delegate responsibilities to capable individuals within your team and enlist outsourcing or professional services when necessary. Develop employees and encourage collective responsibility and commitment for your business. Offer training and career development opportunities, enabling them to make decisions and choices that remove the need for you to micromanage. 

Reduced stressed clients to reduce your stress

Finally, while your business may need the clients you have to survive, it is essential to manage their expectations and what you promise them. Overpromising is guaranteed to raise your stress levels and push their expectations higher, not good for your business or your wellbeing.