The term CRM is one that is used quite a lot, however despite the frequency with which it is used not everyone really understand what they are or more importantly if they need one. 

What is a CRM and what does one do?

CRM stands for customer relationship management, a term that is probably still not very clear to a lot of people. Put simply a CRM is a piece of software or a programe that helps you manage how you interact with your clients It has the capability of saving the details of your customers in an orderly and very user friendly maner that you, and other members of your staff can acess. Don’t be fooled though it is a lot more than a simple database. 

A CRM has a great many uses from assisting with marketing and brand awareness, helping you look for leads to managing the purchases that your customer make. You can use a CRM to support and service your clients better. It can do most of the things that you need in order to manage your customers and generate more. When it comes to remembering your history with a particular customer; how they came to you, what they have bought over the years, how they communicate with you etc, a CRM is an invaluable tool. 

Who might use a CRM?

Whilst the largest purchasers of CRM software are big organisations who need to keep on top of their customer base. They have their uses no matter what size your company is. When it comes to a sales team, a CRM can be your greatest asset, allowing everyone to find important information on clients at a moments notice. It makes easy work of generating new leads and, of course, closing deals, while ensuring that the customer receives a very positive customer experience.

Primarily aimed at sales forces, CRMs are incredibly useful for customer services and marketing purposes as well. They are a tool that can be used by a number of different departments within a company and will give them access to all sorts of important information that can assist them. 

Do you need a CRM?

The short answer is yes, if you can afford a CRM then it is a very worthwhile investment for your business, whether you are a larger company or a smaller company. Used properly, a good CRM can provide you with a complete picture of your client, their buying history and all of their contact details in one easy to access place. It will allow you to be more organised, and this will assist with improving your customer relations.

CRMs vary from one to another and some have more features than others so it is worth taking the time to find the one that will work best for your business. Sometimes it is certainly worth spending money in order to make more money, and a good CRM is one of those occasions.