business problems and solutions (795 x 579)If you are interested in a role in project management, it is important to know what the market is like at present in the UK so that you can give yourself the best chance of securing a job. Of course, to stand out, you need to have undergone project management training and passed reputable project management courses. However, by understanding trends in project management recruitment at present, you put yourself in a much stronger position. Read on to discover more.


Increased attention to marketing and branding techniques

First and foremost, project managers have to pay an increased amount of attention to branding and marketing techniques to beat the competition. This is because there is a greater amount of supply in the industry than there has been for a long time, and thus you need to do all in your power to stand out from the crowd. This begins with perfecting your CV.


Personal development makes a huge difference

A lot of people establish themselves as a project manager, and then they stop development. However, you can really tell the difference between those who keep on learning about their profession and those who do not. It does not matter how many years you have been in the role, you should continue with project management training and developing any gaps in your methods, approaches, and processes.


It can pay to go direct

When projects are still being commissioned, it can be worth going direct. This proactive stance has proved to have successful results. In the current day and age, we always have a tendency to think that recruitment websites are the best route, or using the services of an agency. However, having your own network and going down the cold-calling route is still effective.


Current sector knowledge is in high demand

Experience in project management is often not enough. A lot of organisations want someone who has knowledge of the sector that they work in. This means they are looking for someone that has worked in their industry before, and that has managed projects similar to their own. This is not the case for all organisations, but a lot of bosses don’t want to take the risk on someone that does not have previous sector experience. If you don’t, you simply have to do everything to stand out and show the employer that you’re not going to be the high risk they think you could be.


There is a high drop out rate at the offer stage

Another notable trend when it comes to professional project management recruitment is that there is a high drop out rate at the offer stage. There are numerous reasons why this could be the case. When it comes to the seller, i.e. you, dropping out, it may be because you have been considering several opportunities and thus you have needed to narrow down your offers. In regards to the buyer, there are various reasons why they may withdraw from the marketplace; for example, they could have a change in requirements, a sudden headcount restriction, or restructures.