Why is 2022 any different to any other year when it comes to marketing? In reality, it isn’t any different in as much as you need marketing to be effective. You also need to show value for money, and reap good results for the future of your business. That much has stayed the same, but have the techniques to achieve these goals changed? We believe so, at least in part. Much of the reason for this is the covid-19 pandemic.

It is clear shopping habits have changed. Some consumers will never fully revert to pre-pandemic ways. Of course, the past year hasn’t only been about the Coronavirus pandemic. We have dealt with Brexit within the UK and Europe, the result being that shopping habits have changed, meaning we must change our approach to marketing. As a result, advertising has changed and so should you to move a business forward.

Marketing Techniques in 2022

Social media

Whilst it isn’t for everyone, without doubt, social media is the new way to reach out in real-time and gain instant attention for your brand, product or service. Miss out at your peril. Consumers habits have changed. Many will choose internet shopping and look to social media for inspiration on buying, rather than venture to the high street in the first instance. 

Consider partnering with influencers in your niche, those that will influence your potential customers to your brand. Host live events, offer giveaways and interact in ways that appeal to your audience, solves their problems and make them feel valued, and that they need your product or service in their life.  

Build trust in your brand. Be transparent and foster honest and open relationships with your customers. Brand loyalty will bring them back time and again. It will also help with word of mouth organic business growth.

Focus on visual and voice search content

Advertising is as much about what your customers see as what you say. It’s crucial to create visuals that not only show your product or service in the best light but show a strong brand identity. Such an identity is one that will not be missed and is instantly recognisable across all platforms and advertising streams. Walls of text have less impact than a strong visual. 

Optimise your content and websites for voice search. Increasingly, people are choosing to search content on voice, so ensure any text content is written to mimic naturally spoken phrases. Keywords should be blended into naturally occurring phrases to rank more highly in searches

Multiple advertising streams

Whilst we mention the internet and social media, more traditional marketing such as leaflet drops, email and door drop marketing campaigns remain effective. These marketing approaches standalone and also support websites and social media. Leaflets and emails draw attention to online and in-store offers or any aspect of your product and services that will benefit your customer, giving them all they need to know to approach your business however you choose to trade.

Don’t forget you need to attract new customers whilst looking after existing ones to be successful.

Final Words on Marketing Techniques for 2022

Finally, why not read our Ultimate Small Business Guide To Marketing? You can review which of our suggestions you already use effectively or gain inspiration into how you can adapt those you already do to be more productive or perhaps be inspired to find new ways to reach out to potential customers throughout 2022.