Video is a highly engaging and versatile medium and, as such, developing a powerful video content strategy can help you to connect with your audience in deeper and more meaningful ways. From instructional and educational content to rather more overtly promotional video content, utilising the full potential of video can help you to create a niche within which your business can evolve into a powerful brand. Let’s explore how.

The Importance of Video Content

The digital space is highly visual and video content consistently performs extremely well. The statistics on the power of video speak for themselves. To give you a few examples here, tweets that include videos garner six times more retweets than tweets incorporating static imagery. Outside of the social sphere, video content once again more than proves its worth. Integrating a video into a blog post can increase organic traffic from search engine results pages (SERPs) by more than 150%.

There is no denying that creating engaging video content requires some additional time, resource and investment than many other types of content. For those targeting an international audience it will also require additional effort in the form of a voice over agency and/or professional subtitling services in the foreign languages most prevalent in your target regions. However, we believe that you should view this investment in the context of building your brand. It is vital to use professional expertise like Matinee Multilingual when it comes to translations and not rely on automated translations to ensure the correct terminology and style.

If you want your business to grow, strong branding is essential and video can help you to push forwards in several core stages of your brand development process.

Competitor Differentiation

Marketplaces are crowded and highly competitive. With so many demands on consumer attention, breaking through the noise, making a positive impression and forging valuable connections with your ideal audience is difficult. As social media has increased in popularity, video content is no longer solely available to the biggest brands with the largest budgets. 

Although smaller businesses definitely need to step up and embrace the value of video, this democratisation of the medium has made success more accessible than ever before. Even simply enhancing a text-based blog post or landing page with a short video can help you to set your business apart from your competitors who perhaps might be neglecting this powerful medium.

Customer Retention

As video content is highly engaging, consistently delivering value to your audience will help you to forge and develop strong connections with your customers. In turn, this will build trust and drive brand loyalty as more consumers start to turn to your brand when they have a problem or question. Publishing your video content to a platform such as YouTube will allow you to grow a loyal following and engage with those subscribers directly.

Short and Long-Term Growth

Research from Omnicore shows that video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic traffic from relevant SERPs than plain text so the potential for growth is exponential. As you start to see success, you will find yourself in a position to be able to start taking more creative risks that could help you to drive further success in the future.

Now that video content is used by businesses as a primary tool for communicating brand narratives and messages in the digital space, let’s take a closer look at precisely how your business can utilise the power of video to build a strong, unforgettable brand.

Video-Focused Brands are Different

At a time when playing it safe won’t get you very far, video is an ideal way to communicate your brand’s personality, ethos and values. There is a sense of authenticity that comes with creating a video because there is nowhere for you to hide. Every element from the script to the location and message should reflect and represent every facet of your business, which is something that your audience will find refreshing and honest.

With a comprehensive video content strategy, you can create a series of videos that will reach and connect with your customers at vital points throughout their journey with you. This is essential if you want to leave a lasting impression and successfully transform your visitors into powerful brand advocates over time.

Video and growth go hand in hand. As consistently releasing valuable video content will create a feeling of trust and respect amongst your audience, you will find yourself able to take some of the creative risks required to secure tangible long-term growth. Making a big impression often requires a leap of faith as small tweaks and efficient optimisations will only ever take you so far. Pushing your video content as far as you can will provide you with a variety of opportunities to elevate your brand to new heights.

According to Cisco by 2020, video content will account for more than 80% of all internet traffic. If you want to start making your mark online and establish your business as a leading brand within your niche, video can help you to do that and so much more.